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black bear

Posted on | August 20, 2008 | No Comments

Just after I turned off the paved road on my way up to work from home this afternoon, a black bear crossed the road in front of me. It climbed the bank on the driver’s side of the road and sat there as we looked at each other. This is only the second time I’ve encountered a bear in the wild.  The first time was on a golf course north of Vancouver BC back in 1999.

Some say there is significance in the animals that cross our paths – especially in cases like today and back in 1999. Unusual cases like today stand out in myth.  I don’t know the significance of this encounter, other than making me stop for a minute and appreciate.

Maybe it shows I just need to invest in a camera-phone!  🙂

Maybe it has something to do with turning 40 this Saturday and “coming out of hibernation.”  We’ll see.  In any event, it was very cool.


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