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Posted on | November 7, 2006 | No Comments

I need help! I have a growing marketing consulting firm, and a growing law practice. I focus on helping creative people and businesses reach their goals, which means I work with some great clients. Both companies help people start and build their creative endeavors. I handle projects ranging from intellectual property litigation to logo design, from trademark and copyright registration to market research. I need an assistant to help me get organized, file the paperwork, keep the books, and help me build both practices.

The perfect candidate is looking for a part time job that should quickly work into a full-time position. I’d like someone with experience in a law office who understands how the work in a busy law firm should be managed (because I sure don’t claim to know everything…), and be willing to help manage marketing consulting and other creative projects. The ideal candidate will be organized, creative, humble (will stuff envelopes if needed), mature, and trustworthy (Boy Scout experience is NOT required). Of course computer (Mac and PC preferred), proofreading, and typing skills are critical. Tax planning and preparation experience would be a definite bonus, but isn’t absolutely needed.

I know I’m asking a lot, so I’ll make sure the hours are flexible and pay enough to make it worth the time. This would be the perfect job for a (formerly) full-time parent seeking to get out of the house for a few hours a day and have some fun.

I’m stretched too thin right now to deal with telephone inquiries or drop-ins, so please email your resume (MS Word or PDF) to, or you can fax it to me at 970-484-0012, or even mail it to me at 425 West Mulberry – Suite 105, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521.


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