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In the March 2006 issue of Fast Company Magazine (page 28), John Mackey – Charman, CEO, and cofounder of Whgole Foods Market, Inc says: “When there are fewer secrets, there is greater motivation to do the right thing. That’s driving busines. There’s greater accountability, and more businesses are getting leadership that recognizes that we can’t […]

Ongoing Copyright Infringement

It happened again last week. I received a call from a Web designer (let’s call her “Jill”) who said her work had been ripped off. Jill had created a Web site (call it “site 1”) for an organization. This organization then needed another site with similar functionality, but instead of hiring Jill to do the […]

What Creative Clients Want

What do creative people need from their lawyer? Trust The #1 reason people hire and stay with a lawyer is that they trust the lawyer’s counsel. They trust the lawyer to help them reach their goals, help face their issues, and help solve their problems. This trust is built upon many factors, but rests on […]

$45 Insurance Policy

$45 Creative Insurance Policy Creative people are always trying to save a buck. That’s not a bad thing unless it’s in the situation of deciding to save the $45 fee to register a copyright. If you think your song, art, design, or other creative expression is going to be exposed to the public in some […]

Old Blog Location

My old blog location is: – I figure it’s just as easy to click over there as it is for me to move the applicable posts.

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