Artistic Debt

“… The history of art, literature and music suggests that creativity is an enigmatic process, not easily pigeonholed, and nay attempt to define it as simply a species of collage is counter-intuitive to everything that artists, psychologists, and kindergarten teachers know about the creative process. To make the remixing of others’ work the legal premise for re-defining copyright law would do a disservice to the majority of artists whose drawings and paintings do not depend on the actual appropriation of other people’s work. The debt most artists owe to the public domain is rather on of influence and inspiration; and that debt the artist repays by creating anew body of original work.”

(emphasis mine)

- Excerpted from The Illustrators’ Partnership reply comment address to the US Copyright Office discussing new legislation relative to Orphan Works.

I’ll be writing more on orphaned works over the next few days, but for more information, start here.

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